Chateau de Saint-Louis

  • For Sale: 4 million euro. The price does not include stock.
  • Property Type: Winery+vineyard
  • Location: 11200 Boutenac, Languedoc-Roussillon, France

Property Description

The Main: The old wine-making estate of Chateau de Saint-Louis is located in the heart of the legendary Corbières appellation, in protected areas, 30 minutes from the Mediterranean Sea. At the same time, easy access to the estate is ensured by the proximity to motorway intersections. The total area of the estate is 120 hectares, including 114 hectares of vineyard land (of which 107 hectares are planted). 40 hectares are located in the premium appellation Boutenac (future CRU Languedoc), the rest of the land – local wines (vin de pays) and varietal wines (vin de cepages). The remaining 6 hectares are forests and arable land.Location of plots: main – 90 hectares – next to the plant and residential complex, the second – 30 hectares – 2 km from the first. Average capacity: 4500/5000 GL, with a potential of up to 600,000 bottles per year. Investment attractive object: potential revenue of 1.5 million euros with an average annual cost of 700 thousand euros. Residential Properties: Typical Languedoc house of 250 m2 with garden and pool. Newly refurbished service apartment and guest house that is offered for rent. Plant: Production premises with a capacity of 8000 HL: a traditional concrete cellar equipped with the necessary high-tech equipment of the latest generation and a cellar with barrels. The area of 1000 m2 allows you to receive grapes, carry out all production processes in stainless steel containers, aging, bottling, storing and preparing wines for shipment under optimal temperature conditions. The estate is equipped with all the necessary equipment and unique equipment, rare for the region, which was acquired in recent years.